Talking to children and teenagers about death can be very challenging. Is your family experiencing a difficult situation involving the death of a loved one – a family member, a special pet, a teacher, a relative, or a friend?

Are these questions running through your mind?

  • How much should you reveal about the situation?

  • Should children rush to see the loved one if they are away or at school, camp, college, or on vacation?

  • Will you break their trust if you downplay the situation or don’t talk about it, in order to protect them?

  • How can you protect the child from the anxiety inherent in the death or the illness of a loved one so that it doesn’t cause extreme stress for the children?

  • How do you keep things “normal” while allowing the child a chance to grieve?

  • How much do you expose children to hospitals, hospice care, and funerals?

If you are struggling with these questions, you are not alone.

In my work with grieving families and children for more than a decade, I know how hard this can be. When a family is in crisis mode, parents often come to me, looking for some short-term solutions quickly. 

To help with this, I am now providing Grief Strategy Calls. This is a one-hour session by phone in which you will share with me “what’s going on” and together we will brainstorm the best way to handle the situation in your family with regards to the children. I will also provide a “guideline” reference/resource sheet for you. I will also include a follow-up email to discuss the outcome from our strategy.

The cost for a Grief Strategy Call is $175.  This includes the one-hour phone call, a “guideline” sheet, and a follow-up email in which to discuss the outcome from our Grief Strategy Call. 

If I can be of help to you, please schedule a call through Calendly.  I will then email you an invoice within 24 hours. All Grief Strategy Calls must be prepaid.

Look forward to helping you make a hard time just a little bit smoother.

Would you benefit from a Grief Strategy Call?

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